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High School Information » Student Records and Letters of Recommendation

Student Records and Letters of Recommendation

The school will provide transcripts and letters of recommendation when requested.  Transcripts can be provided to the students or schools. Letters of recommendation and forms will be sent home with the student, unless it has been requested by the high school for the forms to be sent directly to their admissions office.  An email confirmation will be sent to parents to inform them of materials submitted to a high school.

Westchester Middle School staff has not and will not assume any responsibility for a student’s high school application. Families are responsible for their own application process. This is often the child's first application process and parents should assist with deadlines and paperwork.  Our expectation for requesting transcripts and letters of recommendation is a minimum of 3 days’ notice, preferably 5 days.  We have many requests for these items and need this time to properly complete the letters. This will give our staff the adequate amount of time to construct a thoughtful letter and ensure that the proper records are copied.  Please keep on hand any report cards or test scores that are sent home.  Having your own copies will make the application process quicker since you will not have to request them. 

Letters of recommendation are often required when applying to PMSA or a private high school.  In order to fully complete a letter of recommendation, students must provide a resume containing important individual facts to be included in the letter.  In addition, information regarding the scholarship or deadlines should be provided.  Any letter of recommendation request should be made in person with the Teacher or Principal, enabling the student to have a ‘face to face’ conversation. Please allow 5 days for the Teacher or Principal to write a letter of recommendation.