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High School Information Home Page

Use the links to the right to find out more information about high school choices in Westchester.
Please review the following procedures and expectations regarding high school and scholarship applications:
  1. Give a copy of the high school's release of information form (provided by the high school) to Mrs. Panuska. Records will be sent directly to the school OR email Mrs. Panuska at lpanuska@sd925.org. Transcripts will be provided in a sealed envelope to the student.
  2. It is the student's responsibility to ask a teacher for any recommendation letters, forms, etc. Students are expected to explain what is needed to the teacher and answer any questions the teacher may have. Please do not drop off forms to be put in a teacher's mailbox.
  3. If your student needs a letter of recommendation, have them complete the attached Activity List to give to their teacher before asking for the letter.
  4. Staff must be given a minimum of 5 business days to complete requests. Last minute requests may not be honored. 
  1.  Students should give the Math and Science recommendation forms directly to their teachers. 
  2. Students should request their 7th grade report card from Mrs. Panuska. 
  3. Recommendation forms and report cards will be given back to the student in individual sealed envelopes. 
  4. Students wishing to apply to PMSA must give forms to their teachers prior to December 6, 2019. 
  5. It is your responsibility to send the completed application, including recommendation forms and the 7th grade report card, to PMSA.  
Each family is responsible for all application materials for high schools or scholarships. 
Westchester Middle School staff has not and will not assume any responsibility for a student’s high school or scholarship application. If you have any questions about the high school or their application process, please contact the high school directly.