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All content from this page can be found in the District Handbook

My child is home sick, can I get their homework for the day?
Following three days of absence a parent may request class assignments by contacting the Health Office. 

I need to pick up my child early, what is the procedure?
A student who has been excused by the principal to leave school early will be dismissed only to his/her parent or an adult assigned by the parent. If it is known in advance that an early dismissal is absolutely necessary, parents must send a written notice to the office. Children who leave school early must be picked up at the school office. Students will not be called to the office for an early dismissal until the parent/guardian or pre-arranged designee has arrived at the school. For safety reasons, they are not permitted to wait outside or walk home alone.

What should I do if my family is going on vacation?
ILLINOIS LAW MANDATES STUDENT ATTENDANCE IN SCHOOL ON ALL CALENDAR ATTENDANCE DAYS. Absences due to vacation are unexcused. Parents should not plan vacations while school is in session. The nature of our curriculum necessitates teacher assistance in making up work following a child’s return to school. Teachers are not responsible for providing student work prior to a planned vacation. The students will be given one day for each day absent to make up the work which was missed after they have returned from their absence. After a student is absent for six (6) consecutive days and the absences are considered unexcused, the District will drop the student from its rosters. 

My child left school only a few hours early, why does their report card state they were absent for a full day?
Students must be in school for 150 minutes for ½ day attendance and 300 minutes for full day attendance, excluding the student’s 40 minute lunch. The State of Illinois defines student absences by the number of minutes a student is present in the building. Specifically, a student is considered absent for ½ day when he/she is present between 150 minutes to 299 minutes. And, a student is considered absent for the entire day when he/she is present for 149 minutes or fewer

Do I need a doctor's note for my child to return to school?
When a student has been absent three or more consecutive days, a doctor’s statement may be required before the student is able to return to school. Please contact Mrs. Litwin in the health office for more information.

My child will be absent for a portion of the day. Can they still participate in after school activities?
Students who are absent from school are not allowed to attend or participate in extracurricular activities on the day of the absence. Students need to be in attendance more than 50% of the day (five consecutive class periods) to attend or participate in extracurricular activities on the day of the absence.

Why did my child get a tardy?
If the student is not in the room and in his/her seat when the tardy bell rings, he/she will be marked tardy and should report to the office prior to going to class. Students who are tardy interrupt not only their own classroom instruction, but that of all of the students in their classroom. The District will follow truancy guidelines for students who are repeatedly tardy.

My child doesn't feel well. Can they skip PE today?
Student participation in daily physical education/health classes is required by Illinois law. Notes from parents are acceptable as a short-term excuse from student physical education activities. If a student absence from physical education is greater than three (3) days, the District may ask for a note from a person licensed under the Medical Practice Act.

Does my child need a physical to tryout for a sports team?
A physical examination is required prior to the start of tryouts. Please refer to the District calendar for physical examination due dates.